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Tom Eastep

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See the Shorewall Website for Shorewall information and documentation.

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Shorewall Users Mailing List Archives

The Shorewall Users Mailing list provides a way for users to get answers to questions and to report problems. Information of general interest to the Shorewall user community is also posted to this list.

The list archives are at pipermail/shorewall-users.

Shorewall Announce Mailing List

The list archives are at pipermail/shorewall-announce.

Shorewall Development Mailing List

The list archives are at pipermail/shorewall-devel.

Shorewall Newbies Mailing List (Closed)

This list previously provided a place where people who are new to Shorewall could get questions answered and could receive help with problems. It proved to be less that a success and has been discontinued.

The list archives are at pipermail/shorewall-newbies.

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