[Shorewall-devel] "shorewall stop"

Simon Matter simon.matter at ch.sauter-bc.com
Fri Jul 25 19:53:08 PDT 2003

> Although Shorewall provides safeguards against it, people seem to
> regularly shoot themselves in the foot when doing remote system
> administration. I've been thinking about this problem and wonder if a
> change to the way that "shorewall stop" behaves might help.
> Today, "shorewall stop" stops all traffic except to/from those
> destinations listed in /etc/shorewall/routestopped. An alternative
> behavior would be:
> a) Established connections and their related traffic would still be
> enabled. This means that "shorewall stop" wouldn't kill the ssh session
> from which you inadvertently issued the command.On the other hand, all
> other established connections would continue to work as well.

I'm not sure I like this.

> b) All connection attempts FROM the firewall would be allowed. This
> would enable, for example, DNS lookups.

Seems not bad to me.

> c) New connections would still be accepted to/from those hosts listed in
> /etc/shorewall/routestopped.

Why not add additional parameters to /etc/shorewall/routestopped so you
can also define protocols and ports for which you want to allow new
connections. Maybe many people would like to add a internet interface
restricted to tcp/22 to make at least ssh possible.


> Comments?
> -Tom
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