[Shorewall-devel] What happens now?

Paul Gear paul at gear.dyndns.org
Wed May 18 14:04:48 PDT 2005

Cristian Rodriguez wrote:
> ...
> My ideas  are the following:
> 1. Declare Shorewall "alive but feature frozen",only bug fixes, until
> we can organize and get the needed coders,especially some good bash
> coders and an iptables geek (¿anyone?)
> 2.I can take care of a mirror and enrole me to the website and 
> documentation. team.(please¡)
> 3. Files,mailist,and cvs stuff "should" be transfered to SF and a
> "help needed" item opened.
> 4. creat a more conservative release schema. IMHO shorewall have most
> of the needed features,but ipv6 is a good new one.
> hope it helps.
> ps: please if you have comments,or help is needed with "tech"
> issues,drop me a personal email.

That all seems fairly reasonable.  Tom, would you mind summarising for
the -devel list all of the offers you've received so we can take stock?

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