[Shorewall-devel] Patch to fix dynamic add/delete to zone functinality

Tom Eastep teastep at shorewall.net
Wed May 25 10:07:51 PDT 2005

Tom Eastep wrote:

> I'll include this in my next Shorewall2/ commit at Sourceforge once CVS
> is up and running there.

I've looked at the patch some more and I'm afraid that it is badly broken.

The syntax for add is "add <zone> <hostlist>"

The patch:

a) Always reports the last entry in <hostlist> as being the duplicate
even if it is not.
b) If any host in <hostlist> is a duplicate then the entirity of
<hostlist> is omitted from the new $STATEDIR/zones file; yet
c) Rules are created for each member of the <hostlist>, including the

So I'm backing out the patch.

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