[Shorewall-devel] Quick poll: CVS commits

Cristian Rodriguez judas.iscariote at gmail.com
Thu May 26 14:12:11 PDT 2005

2005/5/26, Paul Gear <paul at gear.dyndns.org>:
> Hi folks,
> I'm conducting a straw poll for your opinions on whether we should send
> CVS commit logs (probably with diffs) to the shorewall-devel list, or to
> another (new) list?
> I can see advantages to both ways: separate lists mean that people who
> aren't contributing code don't get flooded with code noise, but a single
> list will help keep everyone involved in the development up-to-date on
> what's really happening.
> Suggested names for a separate list:
>         shorewall-cvs (probably not good as we may not always use CVS)
>         shorewall-commits (OK, i guess)
>         shorewall-patches (probably a little too specific)
>         shorewall-coding/code (probably my preference)
> Which do folks prefer?  I'm marginally more inclined towards two
> separate lists, one for people actually coding, and one for others
> involved in the general development of the project (e.g. web site,
> hosting, mirroring, etc.).  A rule of thumb with this setup would be
> that people with write access to CVS would need to be on the coding
> list, whereas people on the devel list would not necessarily be.
> Votes, please, along with an indication of which lists you would
> subscribe to, if there were two.
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> Paul
> <http://paulgear.webhop.net>
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A separate list IMHO will be better.

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