[Shorewall-users] Problem with Static NAT.

Steve Herber herber at thing.com
Sat Jun 7 12:27:57 PDT 2003

Maybe someone could write up documentation for a two interface system with 
multiple public IP addresses.  I have run into a few people with such a
need.  It would be great to point them directly to such an example.


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On Fri, 6 Jun 2003, Tom Eastep wrote:

> On 06 Jun 2003 22:49:06 -0500, Robin Cook <rcook at wyrms.net> wrote:
> >
> > I have 13 usable static IPs assigned to me by my ISP and I am trying to
> > map computers inside to the IPs outside.
> >
> > I have followed the two interface quick setup modified to use static NAT
> > instead of MASQ.
> >
> Please tell me how I can make the documentation clearer. From the 
> QuickStart Guide page 
> (http://www.shorewall.net/shorewall_quickstart_guide.htm):
> "The following guides are for users who have a single public IP address:
> ...
>    Two-interface Linux System acting as a firewall/router for a small local 
> network (Version Française) [ Linked to the two-interface QuickStart Guide]
> ...
> The Shorewall Setup Guide (See Index Below) outlines the steps necessary to 
> set up a firewall where there are multiple public IP addresses involved or 
> if you want to learn more about Shorewall than is explained in the single- 
> address guides above."
> Given the above, why is it that people still continue to read and follow 
> the two-interface guide even when they have more than a dozen public IP 
> addresses?
> -Tom

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