[Shorewall-users] Wireless connectivity issues

Alex a.polishchuk at usa.net
Sat Feb 5 18:59:03 PST 2005


It was late at night, so I missed the main point for which I'm sorry.

There was a problem with my Netgear WG302 access point that I've fixed. DHCP
server on the access point causes these issues when I connect from laptop at to the Sun Solaris 9 at I've switched over to the
DHCP server on the firewall / gateway and all problems are gone now!

Thank you,


Alex wrote:
> Hello,
> I cannot establish Xserver connection via wireless subnet

What does that mean?

a) To which interface is the system running the X server connected?
b) To which interface is the system running the X application connected?
b) Are you simply trying to connect to the X server or are you trying to
use XDMCP?
c) Does all of this work perfectly if you "shorewall clear"?

As an aside: This is why I always use X forwarding over SSH -- works
every time. Besides, SuSE disables remote connections to the X server by
default and it's a PITA to enable it again.

> while telnet is
> working fine. There was a similar problem before in Shorewall over IPSEC
> that Tom had fixed.

You'll have to be more specific.

> Also, ping is working, but traceroute is not.

Traceroute from where to where? Come on Alex -- we're not mind readers!!!!!

> PuTTY gets a connectivity error after couple minutes of inactivity over
> wireless when connected to the firewall/gateway.

Highly unlikely to have anything whatsoever to do with Shorewall but
again, does this problem go away if you "shorewall clear"?

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