[Shorewall-users] Re: RoutesKeeper

Tom Eastep teastep at shorewall.net
Thu Feb 10 07:34:18 PST 2005

Adam Sherman wrote:
> Adam Sherman wrote:
>> I need to fully grok it to understand how it may affect exiting
>> iptables rules such as those generated by Shorewall. Has anyone
>> thought about this, or better yet, used it?
> I asked the author if he thought it would work under another firewall
> configurator, here is his reply:
>> Compatibility with other iptables rules is perfect since rk creates
>> sub chains (named rk_<something>)) and only manipulates its rules
>> there. I never tested but I bet that it'll cooperate with shorewall
>> happily.
> Sounds too good to be true.


- "shorewall [re]start" will wipe out all of the rules added by
"RoutesKeeper" (RK).
- "shorewall save" will save any rules added by "RK"
- "shorewall restore" will restore the RK rules that were present at the
time of the "shorewall save" even if they don't match the current RK

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