[Shorewall-users] Wireless - routing or bridging

Tom Eastep teastep at shorewall.net
Sat Feb 12 11:07:04 PST 2005

Bill.Light at kp.org wrote:
> I have added a 4th NIC to my setup, and want to set up wireless.  I have 
> started at the configuration Tom has for the last week, and my eyes are 
> crossing.
> eth0 "net" goes to my internet connected firewall with a 192.168 address
> eth1 "loc" goes to my switch connected to local switch also 192.168.x
> eth2 "work" goes to my office with a 172. address
> eth3  Trying to follow Tom's "My Shorewall Configuration" I gave the eth3 
> NIC 192.168.y.1 and a Cisco AP350 a 192.168.y.2 address.  In trying to be 
> "visitor friendly" (the intent is just add your MAC address) and let the 
> visitor act like they're at their local Starbucks and get a DHCP address.
> The Cisco hands out a 169. something address via DHCP.

I suspect a problem here. If the AP350 is an access point as the model
number suggests then.

a) It is probably not handing out IP addresses; that would require that
it be a wireless router.
b) The addresses you see are being auto-configured by the
wireless clients themselves ( is reserved for IPV4
> So, I'll ask the question and duck....  Am I looking at solving routing, 
> or do I have to do bridging ?   Or, which section of the RTFM did I miss?

I think you should review the configuration of the AP350. I suspect that
you should be running a DHCP server on your fireall (as I do) for
assigning IP addresses to wireless clients.

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