[Shorewall-users] Shorewall problem

Tom Eastep teastep at shorewall.net
Mon Feb 28 08:08:22 PST 2005

When you post this much information, please be sure that the large
volume of output is in separate attachments. You sent the trace as a
part of the plain/text body which makes quoting very awkward (I had to
cut and paste since my usual mailer froze when I tried to reply and I
gave up trying to delete all of the trace info after a couple of minutes
using another mailer).

> I hava a standalone machine, DSL modem to connect to the Internet.
> I got a message /sbin/shorewall: line 20: 7: command not found.

> Bellow is mine trace and attache status.txt.

> /sbin/shorewall: line 20: 7: command not found
> + shift
> + nolock=
> + '[' 1 -gt 1 ']'
> + trap 'my_mutex_off; exit 2'

Clearly, the error is occuring in /sbin/shorewall BEFORE THE TRACE
STARTS in /usr/share/shorewall/firewall. I suggest that you:

a) Look at line 20 in /sbin/shorewall to be sure that the script hasn't
been corrupted (the first 100 lines of /sbin/shorewall are comments).

b) If that looks OK then, "bash -x /sbin/shorewall restart 2>
   /tmp/trace" and look at the trace file. If you can't figure it out, 	
   then post it but don't include any of the trace output past the point
   where the error message is written.

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