[Shorewall-users] unable to start mobile emulator in netbeans

Christer Stenbrenden christer.stenbrenden at hiof.no
Wed Mar 2 05:16:14 PST 2005

Alexander Wilms said:
> Hi Christer,
> what is this "mobile emulator", how is it realated to a firewall?
> Does it do network connections and from where to where?
> Alex

Hi Alex,

netbeans 4.0 is a java IDE with it's own mobility pack. In this pack there
is an emulator that shares your network connection for simulating a
GRPS/3G connection. Somehow running a firewall that doesn't obstruct any
other operations, prevents the emulator from running. It freezes. Stoping
the firewall and setting INPUT and OUTPUT to ACCEPT makes it run again.
Pretty strange if you ask me. :-) What tools should I use to debug the
operation of the emulator, so that I could create a rule that allows it to
work properly? tcpdump comes to mind.

All the best,

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