[Shorewall-users] DNS Name problem with mail server on LAN

Eduardo Ferreira duda at icatu.com.br
Mon Mar 7 07:00:54 PST 2005

MSantos wrote on 07/03/2005 11:53:49:

> Hi,
> I have a big "name problem" with my internal mail server ( 
> It is "seen" on the internet through DNAT ( Also there is 
> MX record pointing to the machine. Everything works fine from the 
> However i can't set the mail clients on the lan pointing to the mx 
> because this one points to and the firewall won't return
> answer the path to the internal ip (.152).
> Is there anyway to correct this?
> Regards,
> MSantos
you should have a different DNS server to you internal zone, or you could 
create a zone (queryable(?) only to the internal lan) in your DNS server 
to treat your internal network.  Connect your mail clients to the server 
named in the internal zone.


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