[Shorewall-users] Help with blocking internet traffic at certain times

Eric Raskin eraskin at paslists.com
Mon Mar 7 07:02:27 PST 2005

Hello all:


I've been using Shorewall for quite a while at my office and it's been
great!  Thanks for the work!


I've just set up a firewall at home to keep my teenagers under control
(shorewall, squid and dansguardian).  I've also set up a cron job that
switches my shorewall rules between a day and a night configuration.  The
night configuration blocks all traffic from my children's systems - or so I


The problem I have is they keep AOL, Limewire, etc. running all of the time.
When I switch to my night rules, they can't browse anymore, but their AOL
and other software stays up. 


I'd like to find a way to completely block AOL under those rules.  Is there
any way to tell shorewall to block a connection that's already active?




   Eric Raskin



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