[Shorewall-users] WebGUI Scripts announcement

Andrew Niemantsverdriet lists at pure-wireless.net
Wed Mar 9 09:46:17 PST 2005

On Wed, 2005-03-09 at 09:30, Gary Buckmaster wrote:
> Andrea,
> Your project looks pretty great and I like a couple of things that
> you've done with it.  Unfortunately, for me at least, webmin is the
> way to go.  Our company already makes extensive use of linux servers
> with webmin interfaces (for the point and click crowd).  Webmin
> integrates combinations of services very nicely which really makes
> things easy to adminster.
> -Gary

I really like your project, I don't use webmin but do have some point
and clickers that need access to their own firewall. Those people have
to call tech support (me) to update the firewall settings. This project
looks like it will alleviate some of those calls and allow the point and
clickers to point and click and only have to type a little in a friendly
web interface. I am really looking forward to this project!

/-\ ndrew

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