[Shorewall-users] Ways to get around DNS names in rules

Eduardo Ferreira duda at icatu.com.br
Thu Mar 10 09:22:55 PST 2005

Shawn wrote on 10/03/2005 13:55:28:

> On 10 Mar 2005 at 10:27, Eduardo Ferreira wrote:
> The only time it has occurred for us is after a power outage where 
> something went wrong with backup power systems and forced a reboot of 
> the firewall. In these cases, DNS lookup failures are very common. 
> Fortunately, we are now on automatic generator, but even that can fail, 
> we found out last month during a 36 hour outage. But even one failure to 

> restart shorewall due to DNS failure is one too many...
my generators wouldn't last 36 hours - But I could refuel them. hummmmmm. 
may be I have a problem...

thanks for one more worst-situation-possible experience.  In a case like 
this, the order in which I re-power on the servers and equipments (modems, 
routers, switches etc) will certainly make a difference.  Back to 
procedure documentation...


Eduardo Ferreira
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Supervisor de TI
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