[Shorewall-users] upgrade question

Peter van Eck peter at vaneckonline.net
Thu Mar 10 23:56:45 PST 2005


So does that mean that if you want to use the new 2.2.1 shorewall.conf 
you have to copy it over manually to /etc/shorewall after the upgrade.

Likewise for anyother file in /etc/shorewall.



Tom Eastep wrote:

>Peter van Eck wrote:
>>Ok thanks,
>>I have taken a closer look after the install had run
>>and found out that the following files in /etc/shorewall were backed up
>>but didn't get replaced either
>>see the timestamps..
>That is as designed -- Shorewall NEVER overwrites a file in
>/etc/shorewall. The backup is so that a subsequent 'fallback.sh' will
>reverse any changes that you make to the files after the upgrade.

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