[Shorewall-users] multiple vpn connections out via shorewall

Eduardo Ferreira duda at icatu.com.br
Wed Mar 23 09:49:22 PST 2005

Tom Eastep wrote on 23/03/2005 14:38:27:

> Angela Williams wrote:
> > I know the Cisco box we connect to supports multiple connections to 
its ip 
> > address as most of our staff who use the vpn service have dialup 
> > on their workstations and happily dial an ISP and bring up the VPN!
> Do you know for certain that the Cisco supports multiple connections
> *from the same IP address*?
> -Tom
> -- 

I think the problem here is that the other part probably doesn't use the 
conntrack-pptp modules.  For him, they are all part of a unique PPTP 
connection.  If you have a number of Public IPs available, you could use 
one by one nat scheme.  But public IPs are a not a cheap commodity 

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